Training School.

Still on the second floor we have the Agents' Training School and Convention Hall, as shown elsewhere. This is a very fine room-capable of seating 60 men comfortably. Our photograph shows the room empty, with its desks and seats specially imported from the United States for the use of the Members of the Training School. In this room also is kept a very complete line of Registers for the instruction of the School, and altogether our Salesmen and Agents have every convenience for study in this commodious and pleasant School-room.

Supply Department.

On the third floor we have the Supply Department, which is the largest department in the whole building. It occupies three large rooms connected by archways, but owing to this fact it is impossible to show a comprehensive view of the Department. Here, however, are handled the stocks of Advertising Matter, in addition to Register supplies and repair parts, and a very great amount of work is transacted by this Department.

Tottenham Court Road 1904-1936