It should be mentioned that our present photograph does not show about 20 feet length of the Shipping Department behind, and to the right of the position from which the photograph was taken. On the left of the picture is seen the door of the Agents' room-a conveniently-fitted office for the use of the London Selling Force-whilst still more to the left would he the exit to the side street, where broughams and vans are loaded.

On the extreme right, not shown in the picture, is the goods entrance, from an alley-way leading into a back street. On the right-hand side of our illustration is shown the goods lift communicating with the basement.

It will be seen that the department is beautifully lighted by a very large skylight. When a large shipment of Registers is received from the Docks, say a couple of hundred cases, ample room is found here for storing them. In the portion of the department not shown in the photograph, shelves are fitted round the walls to contain Registers needed by the London Selling Force using broughams or buggies.

We believe many of our Selling Force would like to see how Registers are received and shipped. Our illustration gives a very good idea of one half of the Shipping Department on the entrance floor. We have also very extensive storage room in the basement, part of which is shown above.

Having these Registers ready at hand, with supplies for each, no delay occurs in loading up for the day's work. In the Centre of the picture a door will be seen, leading through to the electric passenger lift, communicating with all floors. It is also another means of access to the Showrooms.

Tottenham Court Road 1904-1936