"Second-hand" Showroom.

A feature of the Company's policy is to head off second-hand competition, and we illustrate the " Second-hand Showroom," in which are exhibited all grades of second-hand Registers and also a line of "Shop-worn" Registers. It is a great advantage to have these arranged as a separate department as it enables a Salesman to demonstrate either line he pleases with much greater facility.

The photograph only shows a portion of the room. This department is fitted in much the same way as the main Showroom, and is in fact uniform with it in the scheme of decoration. Being fitted with handsome velvet and brass shelves, and being itself of ample dimensions, it enables us to have at hand a varied selection of second-hand and shop-worn Registers to show to intending purchasers.

Agents Room

A comfortable room has been provided for the use of the London Sales Agents and Salesmen, known as the "Agents' Room." Desks around the walls have been provided, and in this room will be seen from our illustration the blackboard upon which are indicated from day to day the records made by the London Selling Force. This board has proved to be of the greatest interest.

Tottenham Court Road 1904-1936