Dundee, 4 Whitehall Crescent

Mr Alexander Gray took over the Dundee Territory on 1st April of this year (1902). He immediately set to work, with-out assistance or influence from the Company, to provide himself with a good office. He had it fitted out. in. approved N.C.R. style, and we congratulate him upon it.

The Dundee office and its equipment does Mr. Gray much. credit ; but he himself lays no claim to distinction on this score, merely regarding his enterprise as a close following up of the Com-pany’s principles.

In the view of the exterior of the Dundee office is the turn-out without which Mr. Gray would consider it folly to attempt to work a town like Dundee, or any other town of any size. He uses a conveyance which extended experience has convinced him to be best, namely, a buggy. An American pattern buggy is his beau ideal of a Cash Register man's outfit. He is able to carry two, or even three, registers, and they are very easily removed and re-placed for, and after demonstration to P. P.'s on the road."

Mr. Gray's enterprise, coupled to his undoubted ability as a salesman, has earned for him the in-evitable reward-success. He has some of his old territory but the greater part of the ground which he is working had never produced any very great results until he commenced to see what could be done in it. He has "jumped" into the work in a way which merits the highest praise, and has learned how to make it produce over 200 per cent. of his quota.

In April (Mr. Gray's first month in the Dundee territory) he ob-tained 120 points, his quota being 100. In May he obtained 6o points; in June, '43 points; in July, 43 points; in August, 99 points. In September, in spite of one arm in a sling as the result of an accident, Mr. Gray obtained no less than 82 points - a result which is evidence of his pluck under adverse circumstances.

During the month of October just passed, Mr. Gray made 198 points, and we have asked him to write us a few lines for reproduc-tion herein, to tell us how he did it.

The Post-Graduate School at the beginning of September found in the Member for Dundee a ready and earnest student, and he him-self is willing to admit that the time he spent there was anything but wasted..

Mr. Alexander Gray is one of the very old members of the British Organization, but has kept tho-roughly up-to-date in all matters referring to the business which he has set himself to study and succeed in. He walked off with the Special Prize .for Cash in Advance in June this year. By October 11th of this year Mr Gray had already passed his quota for the month.

The window display which was in use at the time our photograph was taken is the "Gathering in the Harvest" display. It attracted much attention, and was a decided success.