Marylebone H/O 1936-               part 6

The Departments in the New Building

6th FLOOR Electrotyping, Drawer Finishing, Cabinet Stripping and Refinishing, Cabinet Enamelling and Graining, Spraying, Polishing, Plating, Mechanics' Lecture Room,

Window Display.

5th FLOOR Photographic, Canteen, Printing, Stationery and Advertising, Stock Ticket and Audit Roll Slitting, Repair Estimating.

4th FLOOR Repair Costing, House Maintenance, Mechanical Stores,

Accounting Machine Final Inspection.

3rd FLOOR Mailing, Retail Training School, Duplicating Room, Service Department, Purchasing, Accountants, Insurance, Board Room, Overseas Vice-President, Overseas Comptroller, Overseas General Office.

2nd FLOOR Agents, Order & Shipping, Sales Manager, Manager's Secretary,

Accounting Machine Showroom, Demonstrating Rooms, Manager-Accounting Machines, Accounting Machine Division, General Office, Accounting Machine School, Agents' Room

1st FLOOR Supply, Correspondence, Advertising, Filing Patents Office,

Demonstrating Rooms, Agents' Room, Special Representatives, Sales Promotion

GROUND FLOOR Showroom, Accounts, Lecture Hall, Agents' Room,

Supplies Office, Watchman's Office, Convention Room, Garage

BASEMENT Supply Stock, Carpenters, Register Stock, Filing, Vault, Air-Conditioning Plant, Boiler Room, Final Inspection

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