The Central Technical Education Centre International News 1970 p11

Page 12.
"In the final part of the course, the students are capable of devel­oping their own techniques and can thus repair the equipment in minimum time. That is the objec­tive we pursue. Besides, we famil­iarize them with all the documen­tation. The success of repairing these machines in the shortest pos­sible time lies in the competencyof utilizing the documentation as reference material. If they have a problem in a certain area, they need to know on which microfiche to find the appropriate diagnostic routine; where to find the infor­mation required."
Several students interviewed ex­pressed great enthusiasm for the new International Technical Edu­cation facilities. One of them who had just completed training on the complete NCR Century line, said: "This new training facility offers a great opportunity to learn fully any equipment studied due to the great quantity of equipment and educational material
available. Above all," he said, "you learn how to handle the information you receive."
Another student offered the thought that the new education center provided excellent facilities for students to gain first-hand ex­perience in maintenance proce­dures. "Nevertheless," he contin­ued, "more and more a greater degree of personal initiative, dedi­cation and experience outside of school is needed in order to ac­quire the level of knowledge nec­essary to keep a customer's system running properly."