The Central Technical Education Centre International News 1970 p6

Page 7.
The students are first sent to the systems room in order to familiarize themselves with the use of the software and the diagnostic routines associated with the system. After that, we start working on the adjustments of the specific units — including both mechanical and electronic adjustments, especially in periph­erals. Later, we start them on troubleshooting, in other words, the techniques of finding and re­pairing malfunctions." (Later in this article we will enter into more detail regarding this important phase of the training.) "In the on­line portion of the course, we also have a system installed in such a way that we can simulate perfect­ly the operation of the system in the field. We have telephone lines going from the 42 and the 438 and we send the information coming out from the subset through the telephone lines to the system. We have the input equipment in dif­ferent rooms in order to convey to the students the idea of a real in­stallation, where the data captur­ing equipment is located away from the central computer."
In regard to the new EDP prod­ucts training section, under Mr. Wudke, he said: "The main func­tion of my section is to generate new courses for equipment to bereleased in the future. For exam­ple, Mike Walter, one of our in­structors