The Central Technical Education Centre International News 1970 p7

in Hawthorne who is in charge of coordinating the activi­ties of the International Center with our Data Processing Division, is working at present on a train­ing course of a more powerful member of the NCR Century fam­ily. This training is scheduled to start early next year. Besides this project, we are working at present on the electronic terminal pro­gram which includes the Class 260, 270 and 280. Because of the great market potential for these products we plan to decentralize this training.
It is therefore our function to structure a training program, teach instructors of vari­ous International schools and as­sist them in establishing training facilities at the local level.
"We also work on smaller mem­bers of the NCR Century line, which are likewise projected For 1971. As far as new
equipment is concerned, there is only one other project left to mention—an elec­tronic accounting machine. These are the basic ongoing activities we have right now in the new prod­ucts area.
"Another function we have," continued Mr. Wudke, "is to pro­vide fundamental courses to pre­pare newly employed personnel for EDP service work. We have three basic courses, one of them already in operation and two in development. The first one covers basic computer concepts or BCC. Two courses are presently under development.
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