The Central Technical Education Centre International News 1970 p8

Page 9.
They deal with Ba­sic Mechanical Concepts or BMC, and with Data Communication Concepts or DCC. Again, because of the emphasis which NCR is giv­ing to the new online and terminal units, which all work over tele­phone lines, we believe that it is necessary to prepare NCR techni­cians on telephone communication concepts. Here, we're not talking about equipment as such, but what is going on in the telephone line. How is data transmitted over tele­phone
lines? What is the technical language used by telephone com­pany personnel? What problems are involved? What measuring techniques are available? In other words, just concepts. The first class on data communication con­cepts will be conducted by the middle of August of this year."
In order to obtain more infor­mation on the liaison job between Hawthorne and the International Technical Education Center, our reporter talked with Mike Walter, who, as mentioned before, is re­sponsible for this activity.