F.J.Patterson, Vice President

1900 The Vice-President in England.


Mr. F. J. Patterson and his wife arrived in England on Monday evening, and return to America on Saturday, October 6th, on the SS. "St. Paul." On Friday, the 5th, we shall have one day's Convention with the Vice-President, which is sure to be interesting and profitable. It is unfortunate that the full British force will not be able, owing to distance and business, to meet the Vice-President.



London, October 6th 1900.



Gentlemen of the Selling Force:- -

On leaving the shores of Old England on my return to America there is one regret I have, and that is that I could not stay with you longer. I have already told you that the next time I cross the Atlantic, I shall endeavour to spend some time with you and visit many, if not all, the Offices in Great Britain, and I hope that nothing will happen to prevent my doing so. This promise, I know, I have made before, but I shall try and keep it the next time. It was a pleasure to meet at the Convention so many of the selling and recording Force. We had a good day together stud I shall take back all your suggestions to the factory and try if we can to meet even more fully than in the past the future demands of trade in England. I was delighted to meet so many of your Salesmen, and I thoroughly enjoyed the Convention from start to finish. -

I desire to avail myself of this opportunity to thank you all for the sales you have made in the past, Considering the new improvements that have been put on our Machines and the new Machines that will be coming along, we are expecting that you will reach at least a monthly quota of 300 sales, If not more. Your "Good-bye"' to Mrs. Patterson and myself at Waterloo Station was much appreciated, and also allow me to thank you for the flowers and fruit which you wished to present to us, but which un-fortunately arrived too late. However, both Mrs. Patterson and I thank you all the same, and accept the will for the deed.

With best wishes to everyone.


I am, yours faithfully,