Personal Letter Department.

Mounting to the second floor one comes to the Personal Letter Department. At our old premises this Department was very much cramped. The addressing of Hustler Envelopes, sending Out Personal Letters in large quantities, means a very great deal of work, and keeps busy quite a large staff of young women. We had not space at our disposal to employ all the help we really needed. This Department now occupies two large rooms connected by an archway, but owing to the shape of the room and the level from which the photo-graph had to be taken, our view gives the impression that the rooms are somewhat closely filled. As a matter of fact there is ample room between each employee and the next, enabling them to work in much greater comfort than heretofore.

Advertising Department.

Next to the Personal Letter Department is situated the advertising department, where our various pieces of Advertising Matter are prepared. Advertising is to be even more of a special feature of the Company's work this year than heretofore, and it is to be hoped that the Selling Force will take full advantage of all the time and trouble, to say nothing of the expense, of getting out all our various pamphlets, advertisements, etc.

Mailing Department.

We next reach the Mailing Department, which undertakes the forwarding of all letters, filing of correspondence, etc. This Department has now been thoroughly organised, and carries out its work in a very efficient manner, dealing as it does with many hundreds of letters to and from all departments, daily. The main Exchange Telephone is also located in this Department, with an extension to the First Floor. In addition to the Exchange Telephone, every department is able to communicate with any other department in the building by our own private system of telephones, which of course saves an immense amount of time and trouble in the detail work of the business.

Tottenham Court Road 1904-1936