from The British NCR 10 March 1904

The New Machine Showroom

WE take pride in illustrating our new premises, into which we moved the first of the year(1904) Everything is now fully organised and working to the best advantage. The benefit of the change is greatly felt, all departments now having the necessary space at their disposal. It is unnecessary in this connection to refer to the expense which has been incurred, except as showing the great confidence which the Company has in the future of the business in this country.

An illustration of the exterior of the building will be found upon the cover of this issue, and on the following pages we show some of the principal departments.

The Showroom.

There is very little question that our Showroom is now one of the finest in London, if not the finest, devoted to the exhibition of a speciality. It is of such ample proportions that we have been able to put in a handsome centre-piece in order to show a still greater line of Registers or to enable two Salesmen to take P.P.'s up the line simultaneously without clashing in any way.

Referring to our illustration, it will be seen that demonstrating rooms are provided at the rear, and there is also an office for the chief Salesman.

The showroomis 36 feet in length and 22 feet in width. Its area is therefore nearly 500 square feet.

Photography has its limitations, and although we have made several attempts to get a picture of our Showroom which would give a proper idea of its size and equipment, we have not been able to get quite what we wanted.

The Showroom is most handsomely fitted throughout. The lofty ceiling is ornamented with three flush Electroliers, and several swan-neck Electric Light holders of graceful design are fitted at intervals around the walls. In all this room contains 88 electric lights, which of course give a very brilliant illumination at night time.

The Colour Scheme.

The scheme of decoration is rich and effective, without being unduly ornate. The floor is covered with a handsome parquet pattern of Linoleum. The dado of the walls is of dark green plush, while the upper portion is cream coloured. The shelves upon which the Registers stand are handsomely fitted with green velvet and solid brass rails, and give a very fine appearance to the room.

There is also a very fine centre-piece, upon which a large number of Registers stand. We are thus enabled to have an exceedingly long line of Registers on view, and the advantage of having these machines at command when demonstrating to P.P.'s is very great.

Tottenham Court Road 1904-1936

Second Hand and Agents' Room