The Central Technical Education Centre International News 1970

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Optimum Service to Users is Theme of New NCR Technical Education Center.
"No product is any better than the service behind it." Throughout the 86-year history of the Company this motto has served as the basis for continued and intensive develop­ment and educational activities for NCR Technical Service personnel. With the ever growing complexity and variety of NCR products, the Company recognizes that even the best salesman cannot sell our equipment of high quality to the most interested customer unless he, the customer, has the assurance that his installation is backed up by efficient, prompt, and reliable service. Good service breeds customer satisfaction which, in turn, leads to increased sales.
The success of Technical Ser­vices depends on the selection, education and growth of its man­power. Human resources are the most valuable asset of Technical Services. Although it is obvious that through the extensive educa­tional program technical person­nel acquire skills and knowledge, it is not so obvious that these skills and knowledge are a form of capi­tal that is part of a deliberate and well-calculated investment which has grown at a faster rate than in­vestments in conventional assets. This idea is best reflected in Mr. Laing's statement: "In the future, the most important thing we'll be marketing. will be MANPOWER.
That means our product and our best investment will be PEOPLE."
The most striking characteristic of our time is profound change. To effectively deal with today's technological changes in order to meet tomorrow's tasks, NCR pro­vides to its technical personnel the most modern and well-equipped educational facilities. The new NCR Technical Education Center in Dayton, located about 12 kilo­meters south of the main factory complex, is a logical outgrowth of this increased emphasis on the education of technical service per­sonnel. The Center includes the new International facilities for technical education on the NCR Century 100 and 200 systems, their peripherals, online systems and new EDP products.