The Central Technical Education Centre International News 1970 p3

Page 4.
The operations of the Interna­tional Center are under the management of Dennis J. Palmer, who is a native of South Africa. This Center comes under the scope of the Technical Education Depart­ment of which Fred Scheuer is Di­rector.
In Mr. Palmer's words, "The basic function of the school, be­sides providing technical training in electronic equipment to mem­bers of the International Division, is to provide guidance and support to all International schools in the conduct of technically associated instructional programs. These are mainly to promote effective world­wide instruction in the service and maintenance of electronic data processing systems and other products marketed by the cor­poration. These programs include a definition of service strategies, training philosophies, develop­ment and validation of course syl­labi, on-the-job training programs and instructor development and upgrading on the latest technolog­ical innovations. We also have the capacity to provide library and in­formation services to other schools in the International Division."
In regard to the average train­ing time of students attending the school, Mr. Palmer said: "The shortest course we teach is three days on the Class 18 Calculator. This, of course, only qualifies the technician to repair certain as­pects of this machine. The longest training is in the region of 36 weeks. This course includes train­ing on the full NCR Century line. The training on the NCR Century is divided in three phases. The first phase is 17