The Central Technical Education Centre International News 1970 p2

Page 3.
Physical facilities/resources
The new $8 million Technical Education Center is one of the largest and most comprehensive facilities of its kind in the business equipment industry. The campus-style "service university," as can be seen from the illustration above at right, consists of six main build­ings plus "motel" units for resident students. It is capable of serving more than 1,200 students through highly advanced educational tech­niques. Typical of the advanced teaching techniques being em­ployed is a central complex hous­ing all types of NCR computers and ringed by a perimeter of class­rooms. Training equipment in­cludes 35 computer systems plus 1,000 other machines to provide "hands-on" training for students.
The International Center is lo­cated on the third floor of build­ing "C" and consists of personnel offices, a conference room,
ten classrooms and three systems rooms: one with five NCR Cen­tury 100 systems, another with a 100 system and various free-stand­ing peripherals, and the last, with a 200 online system. The gross as­set value of the equipment in the International Center is in the re­gion of 3/4 million dollars. The food service facilities, in­cluding cafeteria and dining room, are located in building 'T," and are shared by Domestic and Inter­national. Sixty of the "motel" units are reserved for use by the International Division students.
This section has reading and rec­reation rooms, including billiards, ping-pong and card playing facili­ties.