We have now at our disposal very much greater Basement accommodation than we had in our old quarters, and the benefit of this is very apparent. It is now possible to ship Registers with much greater facility and speed than ever before, and every member of the organisation will feel the advantage of this. Every convenience is provided for the speedy and accurate testing of Registers before despatch.

Reaching the First Floor by the Otis Electric Elevator, we obtain she view along the Corridor of the principal First-Floor Offices seen in the photograph.

It will be noticed how conveniently the offices on this floor are situated, the Treasurer's Dept., Secretary's Dept., Collection Dept., Vice-President's, Sales' Dept. Chief Clerk, Assistant Manager and Manager of Agencies, Managing Director, Board Room, District Managers and Stenographers offices all communicating by means of the same Corridor.

Tottenham Court Road 1904-1936