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Regional Organisers

     1:   Jack Whyte

      2E:   Pat Keogh

      2W: Pat Keogh

      3:     Keith Templeman

      4:     Roger Whelan

      5:     Anthony Welch
      6:     Alan Hutchins

      7:     John Jones

      8:     Richard Craigie

      9:     Jessie Wallace


The Fellowship is organised into Regions which roughly correspond to the old ‘Sales Districts’ of NCR UK.
All the Committee and Regional Organisers are volunteers who  receive no payment for for their time.
Regional Lunches for members and friends are held once or twice each year, these are open to non members so if you haven’t yet joined the fellowship contact your Regional Organiser to find details of the next lunch in your area.

Fellowship Committee
Chairman & Treasurer: Lin Sandell

      Secretary: John Atkins
      Editor: Graham Brookman

The NCR Postscript magazine is produced

 Twice a year to keep members up to date with
news of the company and issues of interest such as

Articles, written by members, about the company and memories of
offices, colleagues and customers are included in each issue